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Safety Razor Kit

Safety Razor Kit

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  • Gentle on Skin
  • Plastic Free
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Safety Razor aka Rasierhobel

How to use

Shave shave away

Ingredients DE



Head: Zinc Handle: brass Blade: Stainless Steel

The other metal razors are electroplated and less prone to chipping and scratching.


  1. After shaving, slightly unscrew razor and rinse under tap clean out all soap and hair
  2. Store razor outside the shower in preferably dry and sunny area – leave unscrewed
  3. Preferably sit in razor stand for best way to dry (this will help
    prevent bacterial growth on blades and razor which will keep blade sharp
    for longer and prevent razor rash in future)
  4. Swap blade every 5-7 shaves, or when it feels scratchy to shave
    with. That depends on how much you shave and how thick your hair is.
  5. When swapping blades take the razor apart and clean with hot water
    and soap (do not use harsh detergents, disinfectants, bleach, do not put
    in dishwasher)
  6. Learn more here on how to extend the life of your razor.


What's Inside DE

  • one safety-razor
  • one razor stand
  • 10 double edge razor blades (worth 50-70 shaves)
  • plastic-free & recyclable packaging
  • Ongoing support until you get your best shave yet
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