Razor Recycling Program

Razor Recycling Program

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"Historically, people have found all sorts of creative ways of getting rid of their used double edge razor blades - most famously, by slotting double edge blades into the walls of their apartments, an unconventional practice that dates back to the 1870s." source rockwell.

It goes without saying that the old way is hazardous and highly discouraged.

Recycling with Bronte Body x Terra Cycle

We recommend collecting your razor blades in a safe container such as our aluminium tin .The razor blades can be recycled in the normal recycling bin once full (which should take years).

Bronte Body is proudly now a point to recycle not only stainless razor blades. But also all other brands and blades of razors (including those with plastic!!)

Here is a full list of things that can be sent back to us.

Contact us at hello@brontebody.com for a free label. You must have collected at least 30 razor blades/items to ship it back to us.If you live in Auckland you can also drop it off. Contact us at hello@brontebody for details.

This service is provided for free.

How its recycled.

Recycling in Auckland

EcoMatters are a collection point for stainless razor blades. This service is provided for free.

You can drop off most items at either of our locations during the following times:

Mon 10am-2pm or Tues 9am-1pm: EcoMatters Depot, Unit E, 489 Rosebank Road, Avondale.

Wed-Sun, 10am-2pm: EcoMatters Store, 1 Olympic Place, New Lynn.

Recycling in New Zealand

Anotherway provides detailed information for your safety razor recycling.

Recycling via Post

CaliWoods kindly offers to receive any razor blades from any company. You must collect at least 40 blades before sending these to CaliWoods. If you decide to do that please dry and clean the blades and make sure they are securely wrapped with no chance of the blade easily escaping through your packaging.

CaliWoods - Blade Return Program
C/o Handle With Care
10 Parkhead Place
New Zealand, 0632


Buy your blade refills here.

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