A Guide to the Perfect Wet FACE Shave with the Bronte Body Safety Razor

A Guide to the Perfect Wet FACE Shave with the Bronte Body Safety Razor

Are you experiencing difficulties with unruly facial hair and your conventional system razor? Worry not, we have the solution for you! Discover the world of classic wet shaving with the Bronte Body Safety Razor.

Before we get started, please note that this blog focuses on facial shaving. If you are looking for tips on body hair shaving, you can find them here.

Step 1: Preparation of Razor and Beard To ensure your shave is perfect, the shaving instruments must first be prepared. For the Bronte Body Safety Razor, all you need to do is insert a new blade. The safety razor, along with a good shaving brush and strop, is the essential equipment for your wet shave.

Step 2: Facial Cleansing Begin with a gentle cleanse of your facial skin. A mild cleansing lotion will remove dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells. Use warm water to relax your skin. Then massage some Bronte Body Shaving Oil in and place a hot towel on your face. This relaxes the skin and helps the facial hairs stand up.

Step 3: Beard Soaking Use Bronte Body Shaving Soap and a shaving brush to whip up a creamy lather. Start by applying the foam to critical regions like the mustache and chin, before spreading the foam generously over your entire face. Allow the foam to work for about five minutes.

Step 4: Shaving with the Bronte Body Safety Razor Now comes the exciting part: the shave! Wet shaving with a Bronte Body Safety Razor is easy to learn. Pull your skin taut and glide the razor over your face without applying pressure. Rinse the razor under warm water after each stroke.

Step 5: Post-Shave Care After shaving, wash your face with cold water to close the pores and protect your skin from bacteria. After drying your face, we recommend applying an after-shave to disinfect and prevent irritations. Once the alcohol has evaporated, nourish your skin with a moisturizing lotion.

Congratulations! You are now familiar with classic wet shaving and are ready to achieve the best possible shaving results with Bronte Body. Explore the variety of our safety razors and find the perfect model for you!

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